s​/​t II

by wet petals

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released May 19, 2015

eric - vocals / brian - bass / colin - guitar / michael - drums

thanks to Christopher Daly and Salvation Recording Co. for recording and mixing / dealing with us

artwork by Alex Fabiano




all rights reserved


wet petals New Paltz, New York

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Track Name: I // cascade
Pouring formless light

into being,

a soft splash of temporal radiance,

colorful streams,

celestial sensations

birthed into rivers

of light, pouring


plucking flora

from perception,

time severed bodies

lay in iridescent


Everything beautiful slips away,

as time passes soundlesslly

into the tranquil blankness

of a dreamless sleep

I watch your body

as it melts away

into memory,

awash within this



your texture

is lost in a

soft cascade

everything beautiful

drifts away

into softly



everything beautiful

melts away
Track Name: II // afterpastures
turning away from those

womb-gated pastures,

she bleats a hollow cry against

the grotesque


in a clearing

beyond the


she reaches


a sound

with eyes warm

with embryo

she crawls across

the bloomless valley,

rivers of red voices

wash over

her wool

awaiting erasure


like a leaf

upon waves

She hurls her body

into the meat-spiral
Track Name: IV // an echo in the carnage
Bestial visions

bloom within

the still moist

viscera of

the dawn

Like an echo in the carnage

of mammalian birth

I lay within the shadow

of your womb
Track Name: V // opium summer
Sunlight collects in pools upon the leaves,

as I watch you coalsce

into fractals of

foliage &


forlorn flowers

wilt within

the memory

of blossom

tangled in a heap of dry, dead leaves

I lap at the surface of an opium dream,

severing blossoms from

the tree that blooms

when two bodies

meld together

quietly undressing in

a wilderness of stars,

your body becomes

a shrine amidst

the rotting

In a whirl of wind-swept leaves

I watch the waves unfurl

before the glittering expanse

& in the absence of

your self-mirroring


I replace

your love

with chemicals.
Track Name: VI // underneath the plastic rainbow
from within the lightless cove, a memory
softly melding into formlessness;

internal oceans intersect,
seeping into synapse,
as I caress
the wounded
antelope eyes,
we will undress
hallucinatory shapes,
as we make love upon
the moth-eaten mattress

from the soil of this consecrated touch
coalescent flowers bloom,
amidst the star speckled beauty of impermanence
disembodied spirits intertwine,
beneath the wilted astral foliage
we will harbor withered fragments of a momentary glimpse
where the synapse and the spark converge
we will undress-

when you are sleeping
still the wires are attached

from within the lightless cove, a memory,
buried in the garden of our childish thoughtlessness
wet petals wither
in absentia
Track Name: VII // ____________
fawn-eyed flower
torn from
the uterus

carnage colored yarn
stitching two lives together,

quivering in the weeds,
of a sun-splintered dawn,
internal color splays
a collage
of red

white doe gutted--
eyes gazing

the ribcage hangs hollow
in the grass,

a corpse in the meadow,
a carcass in the meadow-rot

warm viscera interposed
between marrow
& milkweed,

Awash amidst the
ripening hues
of twilight

emptiness cradles form
in a motherless breath
of light